5 Pieces Of Patio Furniture To Make Your Staycation Rival A Vacation

Over the past few years, the term "staycation," has become a popular phrase to describe taking time away from work and daily obligations to enjoy your home, city, and nearby attractions. This trend has been on the rise and is seen as a low-cost, efficient way to make the most of your vacation days. However, a staycation can only be truly satisfying if your home can rival a hotel as a spot to relax and forget about your worries. One way to make your home an oasis is to upgrade your patio furniture, creating a secret getaway in your backyard. Below are five items that will make you feel like you really are on vacation, even if you are at home. 

A Bar Set 

A simple outdoor bar set will allow you to serve yourself ice cold drinks or a morning coffee without leaving your backyard. A wicker set can give the illusion of being at a beach bar or hotel garden. 

As an added bonus, an outdoor bar will make entertaining friends easier and more fashionable. You can invite friends to your staycation in order to get the social benefits that you would normally get when interacting with strangers during your vacation. With a fully stocked backyard setup, you may choose to make every Friday night a staycation with some of your closest friends. 

A Full-sized Swing or Hammock

Being able to kick off your shoes and put your feet up can make a relaxing backyard into a personal haven. It has been shown that a gentle swaying motion can help put you to sleep faster and encourage you to sleep more deeply, which may help you feel rested during your staycation. 

An Ottoman 

Similar to a swing or hammock, an ottoman lets you put your feet up. This can make your patio area feel less formal and more removed from your everyday obligations. If you already have a patio set, adding an ottoman to your collection can transform your patio into a place that you associate with relaxation. Sitting at a desk or standing while you work can cause circulation problems and affect your overall health. An ottoman on your patio will encourage you to put your feet up while reading a book, watching a movie, or simply daydreaming. 

Rounded Couches 

Most vacations promote bonding, which is the sharing of experiences. However, a staycation will more likely focus on intimacy, which is shared reflection and sharing of feelings, thoughts, and values. To get the most out of it, your seating choice should promote relaxation and easy conversation. 

Rounded couches, set around either a round coffee table or a fire pit, allow all users to enjoy the centerpiece and interact with each other easily. This can increase your intimacy with your significant other. 

A Classy Umbrella 

You might go to the beach and expect a fancy umbrella in your drink, but if you are staying at home, you should upgrade your patio umbrella in order to achieve a similar ambiance. An old, dirty umbrella can make your backyard experience feel like it is not much of a vacation. Investing in a new umbrella in a vibrant color can upgrade your space and make it feel like you are at a more upscale establishment. You may want to invest in an umbrella that has lighting installed for evening use or canopy walls that can be lowered to create a sense of privacy for afternoon naps. 

One of the best parts of purchasing patio furniture with the money you would have spent on your vacation is that it is not a single-use expense. You will enjoy your backyard setup throughout the year, and you can share your upgraded space with your friends and family for years to come.  To get started, check out outdoor furniture from a company like Modern Home 2 Go.