Furnace Makes Booming Sounds? Here's How You Quiet It

Large heating appliances like your furnace rely on motors, fans, heating elements, and other essential parts to heat your home. Some of these parts can make sounds when the furnace fires up, such as hissing or crackling. The noises are often normal and subside once the appliance becomes hot. But some noises can be frightening to hear, including booming sounds. Here's one possible reason for the booming sound you hear and how you can quiet it.

Why Does Your Furnace Go Boom?

It's normal for some furnaces to make booming sounds when you first turn them on. The metal housing of your furnace may contract and expand as it becomes hot. However, if your furnace makes a loud booming sound several minutes after you turn it on, there may be a delay in the ignition process. The delay can allow gas to build up inside the combustion chamber over time. The booming sound you hear is the gas finally igniting in the furnace.

Delayed igniting can be dangerous if it allows carbon monoxide to escape into the home, or if the furnace smokes. The smoke can travel into the rooms of your home through the air ducts or through the door leading to your furnace's storage room. Smoke and carbon monoxide can both cause life-threatening injuries.

To avoid dangerous situations, have your furnace professionally inspected by a heating specialist as soon as possible.

How Do You Stop the Booming?

A home furnace specialist can examine the ignition system in your appliance to see why it has a delayed reaction problem. The parts that light or release gas to the furnace's burners may be clogged or dirty. If a contractor finds these issues, they'll most likely clean them.

A heating specialist may also check the rest of your furnace for issues, including the combustion chamber and motor. These parts can also make sounds if they're corroded, damaged or, soiled. Invisible gases can build up inside the furnace and seep into your home without notice.

If your furnace is too old or damaged to repair, a contractor may offer to replace it. The newer appliance may come with switches or features that shut it down during dangerous situations. A contractor can provide you with the best replacements for your home's heating needs. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to a heating specialist today. Keeping your home and family safe this winter is essential. Visit this site for more information.