How To Care For A Natural Stone Fireplace

If you want to give your living room or master bedroom a warm, welcoming feel, a natural stone fireplace is an easy way to do it. Not only do stone fireplaces look aesthetically pleasing, but they also come in handy on cold winter days and nights. 

Natural stone fireplaces can give spaces a rustic look, which is ideal for rooms with neutral colors, casual furniture, and nature-inspired decor pieces. If you prefer a more polished appeal, choose a fireplace made of smooth. elegant-looking marble. Fireplaces made of natural stone products also come in a wide range of colors, such as ivory, brick red, dark brown, bronze, grey, and black. Design styles range from basic to elaborate depending on your preferences. 

Although natural stones of all types are known for their strength and durability, they still have to be properly cared for and maintained to keep them looking their best. Since a fireplace is typically the centerpiece of the room, keeping it clean will improve the overall appearance of the space. 

Following are some tips for caring for a natural stone fireplace:

1. Daily Basis

On a daily basis, you can quickly and easily wipe of any dust or debris, such as pet fur or dander, before it has a chance to accumulate. Simply run a feather duster over all of stone surfaces, moving items, such as vases or holiday decor, off of the mantel first for a more thorough clean. If you're in a hurry, you can just dust around the objects. 

2. Weekly or Bi-Weekly Basis 

Depending on how busy your household is, you can give your stone fireplace a deeper cleaning using your vacuums' brush attachment. This is especially important if you have a type of stone, such as brick, limestone, or slate, that has deep pits and grooves where debris can build up. 

Move the vacuum's brush attachment over all of the stone surfaces, spending extra time at any heavily pitted areas. Start vacuuming at the bottom of the fireplace and work your way up for best results. 

3. Monthly of Bi-Annually

Give your stone fireplace a monthly deep-cleaning during the busy winter season, or biannual deep-cleanings, such as during spring and fall. Make sure that the fireplace hasn't been in use for at least 12 hours to prevent getting burned.

After dusting off the stone, mix warm water and a few drops of a mild dish detergent in a bucket and apply it to the surface using a soft sponge. Work the soapy solution into all of the stone's crevices, and then rinse it off with a cloth dipped in plain water. 

Allow the fireplace to air dry or blot it with an absorbent cloth.