The Homeowner Renovation Guide To Finding And Dealing With Mold Before Repairs And Remodeling

If you have an older home, you may be considering remodeling and renovation projects to renovate the design and appearance of your home. Before you can start these projects, you want to inspect your home for serious problems like water damage and mold that you need to deal with first. The following guide will help you identify water and mold problems that you need to take care of before you start your renovations:

1. Inspect the Exterior of Your Home for Leaks and Drainage Problems 

The exterior of your home can be the cause of a lot of the problems with water damage and mold growth inside your home. This is a common problem with roof leaks that go unnoticed and lead to rot and mold growth. In addition to inspecting the roof and other finishes for leaks, you will also want to make sure that the area around the foundation has good drainage and watershed around your home to ensure water is not getting in.

2. Look For Problems With Moisture and Humidity Beneath Your Home's Foundation 

There are also problems that you may have with humidity and moisture beneath your home. These problems are common with crawl space and basement foundations, which need to be inspected regularly for damage and moisture problems. If there is water in the foundation areas, you will want to have mold testing done when you repair foundation damage problems.

3. Examine Issues With Exterior Flashing That Cause Water Issues 

There are also issues with the flashing on the exterior of your home that can cause serious problems with mold. These are metal or rubber seals that are installed around windows, doors, decks, and patio areas. If there is damage or worn flashing that is leaking, it can allow water to get behind the walls where problems with mold grow unnoticed and out of control. To deal with these problems, the materials will need to be removed, and then you will need mold removal before the repairs can be completed.

4. Look at Common Mechanical Problems and Leaks 

There are a lot of mechanical problems that can cause serious problems with water damage to your home. These are issues with common pipe leaks and plumbing problems, but they can also be in HVAC systems. HVAC pipes and ductwork can cause condensation problems that lead to mold if the insulation is damaged, and these problems will require professional mold removal services to get rid of the hazardous mold spores in your home.

Dealing with mold potential mold problems is an important first step for your home renovation projects. If you have found water damage and are worried about mold growth, contact a mold removal service for help with testing and getting rid of hazardous mold.

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