3 Types of Gutters You Can Choose for Your House

Gutters are necessary to have on your house. The water that falls on your roof has to have somewhere to go, so water sloughs off the roof into the gutters, then down into the downspouts, and away from your foundation and your house. If you are going to get new gutters on your house, you might want to know the different kinds of options there are out there for you to choose from. There are three basic kinds of gutters. 

1. Fascia Gutters

These are custom gutters that are made out of one large piece of aluminum on-site. They are installed on your house's fascia, which is the part of the trim that helps transition your exterior wall to your roof. Generally, the fascia is what makes your house's roof look finished and look good. These gutters aren't always very obvious so that they can look really sleek. If you have a very modern house, then fascia gutters may be a good choice for you. They will cost more than other kinds of gutters, though, because they are created custom for your house.  

2. Half Round Gutters

A half-round gutter looks like someone took a tube and cut it in half. They look like a trough that is installed on the side of your house. They aren't generally flat to the side of your house because there isn't a flat side of the guttering. You see half-round gutters on older homes, and if your house is an older style, you may want to stay with that style of gutter. If you are getting half-round gutters installed on your house, you should also talk to the contractor about installing a leaf shield because leaves and twigs can get caught easily in this kind of gutter. 

3. K-Style Gutters

K-style gutters got their name because they are reminiscent of a K when installed on the house. They have a flat side to them, so the gutters are flat to the house when they are installed. This is the most common style of gutter installed on houses these days. A K- style gutter tends to carry a lot of water, so it can be very efficient when handling a lot of rain. 

If you're ready for a rain gutter installation, you may want to know what your options are. That way, you can get the gutters that will work best for you and your house.