5 Ways Hard Water Is Costing You Money

Hard water doesn't just affect the taste of the water and leave residue on the shower walls. It can also cost you money due to the way the mineral buildup damages various items in the home.

1. Pipe Clogs

Hard minerals can build up inside pipes. The buildup will slowly cause constrictions in the pipe so that water flow slows. Taps may only produce a trickle, while drain pipes may become prone to clogs and backing up. Sometimes the backed-up water in either the water or drain line can put too much pressure on pipe joints, which can lead to a burst pipe and even more expensive repairs. 

2. Energy Usage

Hot water heaters are especially prone to mineral buildup because the minerals in the water will evaporate out of the heated water and coat the inside of the tank. The heating elements will also develop the hard mineral coating, which means they won't transfer heat as easily to the water and it will take longer to get the water up to temperature. The water heater must also work harder to keep the water at the correct temperature, thus requiring the use of more energy.

3. Appliance Damage

Minerals in the water don't just cause issues in pipes and the water heater. Appliances are also at risk. Any water-using appliance, from the dishwasher and washing machine to the coffee maker and the ice maker, is at risk of mineral buildup. Much like water pipes, the minerals will build up inside the water lines and cause clogs. Mineralization also builds up on the inside of the appliances. Often, the only option is to replace them.

4. Cleanser Usage

Cleaning with hard water is much more difficult compared to using softer water with fewer minerals. Soaps and detergents don't work as well, so often you must either use a longer washing cycle that uses more water, or more cleansers are needed so you must purchase them more often. There may also be a need to purchase special cleaners that are designed to cut through and remove mineral buildup.

5. Fabric Lifespan 

One often-overlooked type of hard water damage is to the fabrics in your home. Clothing, towels, and any other fabric item that is washed at home will suffer in harder waters. The minerals can build up in fabrics, taking away softness and weakening the fibers. Sometimes minerals also leave behind yellowing or brown-colored stains that are difficult to remove.

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