Looking For Decoration And Drainage? Permeable Paving Questions Answered

If you're looking for a landscape option that will serve more than one purpose in your yard, talk with a contractor about using permeable pavers for your walkways and patio. Permeable pavers are created with open joint spaces to encourage water runoff. When installed above a layer of crushed stone or other aggregate material, it creates a structure that allows storm water to drain away easily instead of pooling on the surface and saturating the ground. [Read More]

3 Ways To Fend Off Future Appliance Problems

On a busy Saturday morning, the last thing you want to deal with is a broken washing machine or a dishwasher that just won't scrub those dishes clean. Unfortunately, if you are like most people, you might spend hours trying to figure out what the problem is and then a few more trying to fix the issue on your own. However, you might be able to fend off appliance problems in the future by doing these three things:    [Read More]

Tips For Safely Relocating Overseas With Your Pet

According to the Humane Society of the United States, approximately 164 million households in America owned pets in 2012. If you're one of the lucky owners of a beloved dog or cat and are planning to relocate overseas, chances are the health and safety of your furriest family members is one of your biggest concerns. From getting your pet's paperwork in order to ensuring they're safe and comfortable on the plane, here are a few tips for anyone who is relocating overseas with their pets: [Read More]