Are You Designing A New Kitchen?

Are you remodeling your present kitchen? Are you building a new home and you are in the process of picking out what you want as your new kitchen design? Either way, from arranging for granite countertop installation to choosing the furniture for your new kitchen, here are some ideas that might help you to create a room that your family and friends will enjoy for a long time.

Granite Countertops 

Have you been in friend's homes or in model homes that had granite countertops in the kitchen or in the bathrooms? If so, you likely knew that someday you would want the same type of countertops in your own home. Besides being beautiful, granite countertops are very easy to maintain. All you have to do is to wipe them off with a damp cloth. If more cleaning is necessary, say after you've gotten oil or grease on the granite countertops, a gentle cleanser will probably be all you need. Besides being easy to maintain, your granite countertops are so sturdy that they will last for many years.

In choosing your new granite countertops, think of the look you want in your kitchen. For example, if you want a very elegant look, consider selecting black granite countertops that have streaks of silver as part of the design. For a more subtle and less dramatic look, consider buying off-white or light brown granite countertops. If you're undecided, the place where you select your granite will probably have pictures of kitchens that you can use as a model for your own kitchen. 

Kitchen Furniture 

Just as you selected the mood you wanted when you chose your granite countertops, think of how your furniture will add to that mood. For instance, if you chose black countertops with streaks of silver in the granite, consider buying metal kitchen furniture that will bring out the silver in your countertops. If you selected a something like off-white or light brown for the countertops, consider buying traditional wooden furniture. 

Besides the table and chairs where your family and friends will eat meals, think of other furniture pieces that will add interest to your kitchen. For example, consider buying a floor-to-ceiling shelf that can be used to store things like cookbooks and that can also be used to display your collectibles. If there's space in your kitchen, also think of adding a couple of occasional chairs or even just one rocking chair. If you have little children, think of having child-size rocking chairs for them. 

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