3 Ways To Get Fresh, Filtered Water In Your Home

Water is vital for human life. When you're well-hydrated, you look and feel better. Adequate water consumption can even help you lose weight. Unfortunately, many people don't like the taste of water; some parts of the United States have water that tastes brackish or metallic due to high mineral content. You can boost your water consumption by investing in a water filtration system. Here are three ways to get fresh, filtered water into your home so you can stay hydrated:

1. Water filter pitcher

This is the most inexpensive and low-tech way to get filtered water. It's easy and requires no installation or upkeep beyond replacing the filter every two months. In order to use one of these pitchers, you simply fill it with tap water and allow the filter to physically remove sediment and other adulterants from the water. Typically, this takes up to five minutes, depending on the size of your pitcher.

2. Under-sink water filter

Under-sink filters work by intercepting the water from your pipes. They process the water using activated carbon to remove unwanted scents and tastes from your water, according to Pure Water Gazette. If you'd like to remove fluoride from your tap water, you will need to invest in an under-sink filter that features activated alumina as well. Many people find this easier to use than a water filtering pitcher, since you can have all the filtered water you want simply by turning on your faucet. This type of filtration system is very user-friendly, although it requires an initial installation process.

3. Reverse osmosis system

Reverse osmosis filtration is a great option if you want the best-tasting water possible. Like other types of filtration, it utilizes a membrane to catch and remove impurities in your water. However, unlike other filtration systems, it uses high pressure to push your water through this filter. This results in water without additional minerals that tastes very pure. If you'd like a reverse osmosis system in your house, you can have one installed so that it connects to your faucet. Alternatively, you can rent or purchase a freestanding reverse osmosis filter that requires no assembly or installation.

These three options will allow you to get fresh water that tastes great. Experience the benefits of proper hydration by investing in a drinking water system. An investment in clean water is an investment in your health and future. Contact a company like Oxley Softwater Co to learn more.