Anti-Wrinkle Pillows? Options That May Actually Work

There are hundreds of products out there that can help soften, prevent, or fill wrinkles in your face. If you have tried the fillers, the creams, the serums, the salves, and the lotions, maybe it is time to try something a little different. Okay, anti-wrinkle pillows are a lot different. However, there may be something to it, when you really think about it. After all, pillows bunch up, collect sweat, oil, and dirt, and dry out your face while mashing that collection of mess it collects from your skin back into your pores all night. Here are some of the latest anti-wrinkle pillows and how they may actually work. 

Neck, Shoulder, and Forehead/Temple Support

This pillow has a very unusual shape. However, it fits right in that crook of your neck, between your lower jaw and the top of your shoulder. A lot of people tend to ball up a pillow for this area when they sleep on their sides, but that squishes up the skin on your cheek and jaw, and crinkles your temple and forehead skin. As you can imagine, constantly having these areas scrunched up this way eventually causes them to develop wrinkles in the same way as your frown or smile lines. This particular anti-wrinkle pillow fits right into that curve and has a wedge at the top to support your head without allowing any part of your face to be wrinkled by the pillow. You may find it more comfortable to sleep, more supportive, and a lot of air passes through underneath the side of your face that is on the pillow because of the air channel created there. 

Nighttime Calming, Moisturizing, and Inflammation Soothing

Maybe you have seen the soft slipper socks that are saturated with lanolin and aloe? That is kind of the same idea with these anti-wrinkle pillows. They have anti-wrinkle lotions and herbal remedies right in the threads and fibers of each pillow. Some have lavender to help you sleep more restfully, which also helps reduce wrinkles while reducing inflammation. Some have aloe, some have lanolin; you choose based on whether or not you are allergic to lanolin. Other common herbal remedies for wrinkles are found in other similar pillows of this sort. The idea is to moisturize, decrease inflammation, decrease sweating and dirt in your pores, and increase deep sleep (a.k.a., "beauty rest") through the use of these skincare elements. 

Look into the different options to find the best anti-wrinkle pillow for you.