How To Keep Bugs Out Of The Kitchen

There's nothing worse than finding bugs in your pantry. Many people have an aversion to insects, and seeing them in food can be particularly upsetting. If you find cockroaches, weevils, or other insects in your kitchen, don't panic. Here are four tips that will help you get rid of bugs and keep them out of the kitchen.

1. Discard infested food items.

Throw away any food items that are already infested with bugs. Many insects carry bacteria that cause disease, which means any food that insects have touched is no longer safe for consumption. Go through your pantry and check every item carefully. Bugs often chew through plastic bags and cardboard in order to get to food. Some species of insects lay eggs in grains. Depending on the type of grain you own, these eggs or larvae can be hard to spot. It's best to do your investigations in an area with good lighting to make sure you find all of them.

2. Schedule an appointment with a local pest control company.

After you get rid of any tainted food, you will need to schedule an appointment with a local pest control company. Over the phone, you should describe the type of infestation you're dealing with. However, your exterminator will likely want to do some investigation of their own. They will look for entry points where pests can enter your house looking for food and water, then make an appropriate plan to seal these areas.

3. Plan an extermination.

A pest control service will need to schedule an extermination if you have an ongoing pest infestation. Extermination can be accomplished by a few different methods, depending on the severity of your infestation. Spraying a pesticide is the first resort for many exterminators. Spray nozzles give your exterminator fine control over where the pesticide is applied. Spraying is an appropriate technique when the infested areas are easily accessible. If your exterminator believes bugs are hiding in your ducts or walls, they may recommend a home fumigation instead. Fumigation requires you to leave your home for a few days, but it will eliminate all insects from your house.

4. Take advantage of ongoing pest control services.

Once your infestation has been dealt with, you will need to take steps to keep insects from coming back. Many pest control companies provide ongoing pest control services for a monthly fee. Your pest control professional can set bait traps that can kill entire colonies of insects with minimal human intervention. They may also spray pesticides around the perimeter of your house for added security.