Tips For Preventing A Mice Infestation During Your Home Renovation

Between budgets, deadlines, and making sure all of the supplies arrive and your contractors stay on task, there are several headaches that come with renovating a home. However, while you are worrying about the obvious issues involved with a renovation, you might be overlooking another potential problem: an infestation of mice. Mice can make their way into your home during a renovation, and if you are not careful, will still be around when the project is finished. Here are some tips to help keep your renovation free of mice and other rodents.

Identify Potential Points of Entry

Unfortunately, undergoing a renovation often means replacing windows, tearing down walls, and creating other easy points of entry for mice and other rodents. One way to keep mice out of your home during a renovation project is to ensure that all these points of entry are sealed once the workday is finished. For example, if you are replacing windows, try to install the new windows as quickly as possible after the old windows are removed.

If there are doors or windows missing for several days, secure the openings with a tarp. Placing mouse traps around other potential points of entry, such as a piece of missing drywall or any gaps along exterior walls or windows, can help catch mice before they enter your home.

Keep Your Yard and Construction Area Clean

Home renovation projects are messy, and unfortunately, all of that mess can be attractive to mice and other rodents. Piles of lumber in your front yard or construction debris create an ideal place for mice to make a nest or hide from predators. Try to keep your construction mess to a minimum, and if there are any piles of debris or materials, properly cover these piles each night.

Once again, placing mouse traps near construction debris or supply piles can help catch mice and rodents before they can call these areas home.

Work With a Pest Control Company

Finally, one of the most effective ways to prevent a mouse infestation in your home during a renovation project is to contact a pest control agency before the project even begins. The pest control agent can help identify potential issues, prevent mice from entering your home during the renovation, and eliminate any pests that find their way inside.

Once the renovation is complete, ask the pest control agent to perform a walk-through to ensure there are no mice inside your home.

While you are completing a home renovation project, don't forget to prevent mice from entering your home. Contact a mice control agent if you have any further questions.