Pros And Cons Of Using A Trimming Machine For Your Cannabis Buds

If you grow your own cannabis, one decision you'll have to make is how you plan on trimming the buds. For years, it has been standard to trim by hand. But as cannabis growing has been legalized in more states, companies have begun making automated trimming machines that really simplify the trimming process. Should you use a trimming machine for your harvest? Here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pro: It's more efficient

Hand trimming takes a lot of time. If you have just one or two plants, it's not a big deal. But if you have a whole greenhouse full of plants, trimming by hand might take days. Using a machine is so much more efficient. You can trim pound upon pound of plants per hour, which may keep you from having to hire lots of people to trim by hand. You can get your harvest trimmed and ready to use much sooner.

Con: It's not as artistic

Those who do a lot of hand trimming often think of it as an art. They take their time to carefully trim and shape each bud. You lose this artfulness when you use a trimming machine. If the art of trimming is really important to you, that's something to consider.

Pro: It's much neater

Trimming bud by hand is not exactly a clean job. You end up covered in resin and smelling like cannabis, sometimes for days at a time if you're doing a lot of hand trimming. This could be an issue if you're around people who are sensitive to the smell or if you work in an environment where it's not acceptable to smell like cannabis. When you use a trimming machine, on the other hand, you should stay quite clean. The particles and resin will be on the machine, not you, and the machines are typically quite easy to clean.

Con: You might miss imperfect buds

When trimming by hand, you get to see and inspect every bud, so you can sort out those that are imperfect. You are more likely to overlook these buds when you use a machine to trim. You'll have to separately sort and look through the buds.

Trimming machines have been life-changing for a lot of larger-scale growers. If you have a big operation and need to get your trimming done in a timely manner, then a machine may be a wise choice for you, too. Look into automated trimming machines near you.