How To Create A Memory Quilt And Keep A Written Record Of It Too

Memory quilts are a very old way of telling the history of one's family. They are comprised of bits of fabric that come from things people wore or cloth items that held special significance for each member of the family. Over the years, new pieces of fabric are added to the quilt to tell another part of the story of one's family. If you also want more than just a verbal history of the family's memory quilt, you create a diary to go with it. [Read More]

The Ultimate Guide When Choosing New Window Treatments For Your Home's Interior

If you're looking for a great way to make over your home's interior and also block natural sunlight, getting new window treatments is a great idea. There are so many options for homeowners today. To help with this selection, look over this guide. Ensure a Proper Fit  It won't matter what window treatments you select if you don't get the sizing down perfectly. Even just a couple of inches off will result in installation issues. [Read More]

Anti-Wrinkle Pillows? Options That May Actually Work

There are hundreds of products out there that can help soften, prevent, or fill wrinkles in your face. If you have tried the fillers, the creams, the serums, the salves, and the lotions, maybe it is time to try something a little different. Okay, anti-wrinkle pillows are a lot different. However, there may be something to it, when you really think about it. After all, pillows bunch up, collect sweat, oil, and dirt, and dry out your face while mashing that collection of mess it collects from your skin back into your pores all night. [Read More]

3 Ways To Get Fresh, Filtered Water In Your Home

Water is vital for human life. When you're well-hydrated, you look and feel better. Adequate water consumption can even help you lose weight. Unfortunately, many people don't like the taste of water; some parts of the United States have water that tastes brackish or metallic due to high mineral content. You can boost your water consumption by investing in a water filtration system. Here are three ways to get fresh, filtered water into your home so you can stay hydrated: [Read More]