Waging War On Weeds? You Might Find Reinforcements Waiting In Your Kitchen

Are you fighting with unwanted plants crowding out your garden's flowers? Well, you might already have the secret weapon to beat them for good! Before you head to the store for some powerful weed spray, look in your kitchen for one of these eco-friendly weedkillers.  Put The Kettle On For Sidewalk Weeds Boiling water won't just help you cook food, it'll also help you cook plants that pop up between sidewalk cracks and stone steps. [Read More]

Preserve The Elegance Of Your French Doors With Interior Custom Shutters

Are you looking for a way to spruce up your interior French doors without detracting any attention away from their elegant design? If so, custom shutters are a great option. Unlike curtains that hide the sleek lines and details of French doors, shutters fit perfectly in place, highlighting the natural design of your doors. Below, you'll find all the information you need to order custom shutters for your French doors. [Read More]

New Windows: How To Pay For Them And Why You Need Them

One of the main things that might be stopping you from getting new windows in your home could be the cost of this major project. New windows are not cheap; however, they do offer several key benefits. If you really want new windows from a place like Ken Caryl Glass Inc., but do not think you can afford them, you may want to find out the different ways you could pay for the windows and the benefits they will offer to you. [Read More]

Feeling The Sting Of A Fire Ant Infestation? Tips For Eliminating The Mound

If you're just moving into an area that's prone to fire ant infestations, you may not yet be familiar with the nuisance that these critters can be. Don't underestimate the hazard that fire ants can be. In fact, they can be highly aggressive, especially against things they view as threats to the colony's safety. Although there are many suggestions for eliminating fire ants from your yard, there are very few methods that are truly effective. [Read More]