Why You Should Make Up A Scavenger Hunt List Before A Pumpkin Patch Visit

A family can visit a local pumpkin patch for a short period of time to buy a pumpkin for your home or for a longer time to take in the various attractions that are present. If you're planning to spend some time at the pumpkin patch with your children, you may have plans to not only choose your pumpkin but to also take a hayride, sample some pumpkin pie, and perhaps pet some farm animals. You can add to the fun by drafting up a scavenger hunt-style list of pumpkin patch sights to give to your children in advance of your visit. Here are some reasons to take the time to make this game.

It Adds To The Length Of The Visit

When you're visiting different locations with children, it can be nice to spend a fair bit of time before moving onto your next stop. There are lots of things to see and do at a pumpkin patch, but creating a scavenger hunt game will extend the length of the visit. For example, even after getting their pumpkin and visiting some other attractions, your kids will be eager to check all of the items off their list — meaning that they won't be in a hurry to leave the pumpkin patch until their lists are complete.

It Provides Some Education

Pumpkin patches can be good places to visit with children as far as learning is concerned. Knowledgeable employees will be on hand to talk about farming practices, and the site will likely have a variety of signs and other displays that provide information about pumpkins and any related products. Your scavenger hunt can make the visit even more educational for your children. For example, when you place a specific item on the list and your children find it, you can then take a moment to explain what the item is and what it does.

It Makes The Experience More Fun

Parents often look for simple ways to make family outings more fun, and creating a scavenger hunt list for your family's upcoming pumpkin patch visit can definitely accomplish this goal. Your children will enjoy the challenge of checking off the items on their list, and you'll have fun pointing them in the right direction for items with which they're struggling. This is an activity that will likely go over well and may be something that you think about doing for future family visits to other local attractions.

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