Why You Should Make Up A Scavenger Hunt List Before A Pumpkin Patch Visit

A family can visit a local pumpkin patch for a short period of time to buy a pumpkin for your home or for a longer time to take in the various attractions that are present. If you're planning to spend some time at the pumpkin patch with your children, you may have plans to not only choose your pumpkin but to also take a hayride, sample some pumpkin pie, and perhaps pet some farm animals. [Read More]

Questions You Might Want Answered Before Having Storm Shutters Installed

Hurricane season is quickly approaching and one of your biggest fears may be that the windows in your house might break in a strong wind. Broken windows let in wind and rain, and even the glass can be a pain to clean up. Luckily, storm shutters are a product that can go a long way towards protecting your windows when those gale-force winds roll in. However, you might have a few questions you want to have answered before you have those storm shutters installed. [Read More]

How To Care For A Natural Stone Fireplace

If you want to give your living room or master bedroom a warm, welcoming feel, a natural stone fireplace is an easy way to do it. Not only do stone fireplaces look aesthetically pleasing, but they also come in handy on cold winter days and nights.  Natural stone fireplaces can give spaces a rustic look, which is ideal for rooms with neutral colors, casual furniture, and nature-inspired decor pieces. If you prefer a more polished appeal, choose a fireplace made of smooth. [Read More]

How To Create A Memory Quilt And Keep A Written Record Of It Too

Memory quilts are a very old way of telling the history of one's family. They are comprised of bits of fabric that come from things people wore or cloth items that held special significance for each member of the family. Over the years, new pieces of fabric are added to the quilt to tell another part of the story of one's family. If you also want more than just a verbal history of the family's memory quilt, you create a diary to go with it. [Read More]