Use Lumber To Create Raised Flower And Vegetable Beds

Being required to kneel down when pulling weeds may have influenced you to seek an alternate garden setup next spring. Use treated lumber to create a raised flowerbed or vegetable patch that will be easier to care for.

A Cleared Section And Treated Lumber

If you have picked all of the crops that grew this year and are expecting frost within the next month or so, it is a good time to clean up the plant remnants that remain in the ground-level garden. You can use this same space to construct the lumber frame that will house the new additions next year.

Raised beds can also be added along a walkway or next to a patio or deck. Keep these alternate areas in mind, if you are thinking about using one bed to showcase some flowering plants and another one to house vegetables. After clearing the property, decide how many things you will be planting and the amount of space that each mature plant will require.

If you have somewhere to store the lumber for now, determine the measurements for each bed, and purchased metal fasteners and lumber that can be used as the sides of each bed. Since soil will rest inside of the enclosure, you won't need to create a base for each bed. The idea is to pile up the soil within the lumber frame so that the soil is elevated, in comparison to the ground that surrounds it. You can, however, create a base if you prefer. A bed that contains a base can rest on top of cinder blocks or bricks, to provide more elevation.

Some Custom Details

Build raised beds that contain the same variety of wood that your home or some accent woodwork is constructed of. If your home lacks wooden features, choose a lumber variety that you prefer and use stain or a custom paint color to highlight the lumber pieces.

With paint as the option you choose, you can be very creative with your design work. Add a base coat of paint to the lumber and use stencils to apply pictures on top of it. Hold off on assembling the raised beds until you have applied stain or paint.

If you want to complete this job during the winter, set the lumber pieces on top of saw horses that are set up in your garage. Take your time sanding, staining, or painting the wood. Assemble the beds outdoors, once the weather is nicer and frost isn't a threat.